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Change Team: 

In order to help new Team Moms, we have listed a few helpful hints.

**Get every parents phones numbers (home, work and cell phone)
in case  you need to get in quick contact regarding a game or practice
scheduling change.  For Tball children, we prefer that a parent either
stay at practices and games or lt us know where they can be reached
in case of sudden rain, injury, etc.

**Get every parent involved with your team.  You will need help with
scorekeeping, field preparation, snacks, concession stand duty,
dugout duties, etc.

**Encourage parents to bring their child to as many practices and
games as possible.  Understand tha it is difficult to make every practice,
however, every child will be better prepared for the games if he/she
comes to most of the practices and they may iss important information
that has come to light.

**Gather information  on each child's medical conditions or special

*Encourage the cooperation of each parent in showing our kids good
sportsmanship.  Refrain from making loud unkind comments regarding
an umpire's call or another team during games.

**Encourage acceptable dugout behavior.

**If you have something that needs to be discussed with your coach,
please see him/her either before or after practice or games.  You
may also wish to call them at home.