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Starting a Game

For baseball and softball, any team may start a game with eight players.  This must be brought to the attention of the umpire and the opposing team PRIOR to the game.  Additionally, the 9th spot in the lineup will be treated as an out the first time (and only the first time) through the lineup.

Once the game starts, if a team drops below eight players they can keep playing without penalty.

Removed and Leaving Players

If any player is taken from the game, either for illness, injury or disciplinary reason, or
if they have to leave the park, they will be dropped from the batting order with no penalty.
This will not be considered an out for the team at bat. The player may return to the game,
provided they bat in the same position in the lineup as they were batting when they left the
game. However, time must be called immediately upon notification that the player is leaving
the game to notify the other coach, umpire, and scorekeeper. Otherwise, it will be an
automatic out. If any player becomes unable to finish their turn at bat, then the next person in
the batting order will come up to the plate and assume the count that this batter has. For
example: If batter four is at the plate and gets hurt with the count at two balls and two strikes,
and cannot finish his at bat, then batter five will come to the plate and assume the count of
two balls and two strikes. Then they finish that turn at bat, the team continues down the
batting order. Batter number four may come back to the game later in the same batting

Delayed or Suspended Games
If a game is stopped for any reason, such as rain, lightning, snow, power failure, injury
that takes longer than a few minutes, etc. the time the game was stopped should be
recorded. Each team's scorekeeper should mark their books with the following information:
time remaining in the game, who is at bat and what the count is, which players are on base,
etc. If the game can be finished that day, then it will be. If not, the game will be finished
at the next makeup date. The game is not started over, but will begin where it left off. If
the game is to be finished at a later date, and all original players are not present for the finish,
the game will be finished with the players who are present, and no penalties will be accessed.

Line Up
If a player (or players) has not arrived by the start of the game, the coach must inform the
umpire. The umpire and coach then inform the opposing coach, the no-show player is placed
at the bottom of the batting line up. If the player does not show by their turn in order, they are
to be counted as an out. If the player shows up after their turn, they will bat the next time their spot comes up in the lineup.

Intentional Walks
A team may intentionally walk a player once in the same game. This is for baseball and
softball. If the player comes to bat again, they must be pitched to. If, in the judgment of the
umpire, a coach has their pitcher pitch around this player, the coach will be removed from the

Base Runners
If a player becomes unable to run the bases, then the opposing coach can choose a player
to run for them. This player would preferably be the player who made the last out. However,
the defensive coach has this option.

Pitching Rules

All innings pitched for each pitcher shall be kept in the official book for each team.  At the
beginning of each game each coach shall review the opposing team's book to determine the
number of innings pitched by the opposing pitchers for their respective teams.  This provision
applies to all leagues with pitchers.

The pitching rules for each game shall be played according to the games as schedule and
not according to the actual number of games each team has played.  This provision applies
to Pee Wee.

For example: If Team A is playing it's 5th game on the schedule (whether or not it is their 5th
actual game) and Team B is playing their 4th game on the schedule (whether or not it is their
4th actual game played) the pitching rules apply to both teams as though each team were
playing under the 4th game pitching rules.  Any make up games shall be played according to
the rules applicable to its position on the schedule. 

A facemask and chinstrap is required on all helmets for batters in Rookie, Tball and Peewee.


Bat Size

Begining spring 2023, Peewee 2&3/4 barrel size is approved for play.


Extra innings

Extra innings will be international rules. A runner will start on 2nd base for all extra inning games. Extra innings in T-ball and Peewee will be 5 run limit and Minor and up will be 7 run limit.



During kid pitch, IF the kid pitching has walked 2 batters and the coach comes in to pitch, the COACH can not move the kid pitcher to a position other than pitcher. IF the kid is moved then the kid that is moved to pitcher WILL be the pitcher of record for the next batter.