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The GBAA Select team will consist of the top 10-12 kids in their league. Select teams will be formed in Pee Wee, Minor & Major. The GBAA Select Team practices will begin as soon as the Head Coach contacts all the players. The Select Team will play Travel tournaments as well as be the (A) All-Star team. These teams will practice every Sunday. The Select practices are in addition to their Rec teams practice. It is important that your player be at both Rec and Select practices and games. The fees for the Select team will be $300 - $500. To be considered for the Select team you must print this form out and bring it to evals fully filled out. The head coach will reach out to you directly. 

*The duration of the 2024 Spring Select League Season is February – June*

- Players can NOT currently be rostered on a Baseball Travel Team. 
- Players must be registered through the GBAA Website (in their respective leagues.) 

- Form must be printed & filled out in its entirety, then turned in at your player's evaluations. 


PLAYER NAME:_______________________________________ AGE:___________


PARENT NAME:_______________________________________


PARENT SIGNATURE:__________________________________


PHONE NUMBER:______________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________